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All workshops are located in Wong Chuk Hang. You will get details of location venues on Day 1 of the conference. If you haven’t chosen a workshop track yet, please get in touch with us.

9:00-11:30 am — Morning workshop

12:00-2:00 pm — Lunch at The Hive Spring

2:30-4:30 pm — Afternoon workshop

5:00-8:00 pm — Closing Party & Drinks at The Hive Spring


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Session 1: Prototyping Democracy

Taiwan is an experimental platform and open consultation process for civil society in Taiwan. Using technology to creatively connect different groups of people, the platform is facilitating deep conversations, building consensus, informing policy decisions, and co-designing solutions.

In this session, participants will experience some of the technologies, protocols, methods, tools and practices that Taiwan is using to prototype the future of democracy.

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Shuyang Lin >
Co-founder and re:architect,

Session 2: Harnessing Emerging Technology

One of the most important things that technology enables is improved decision-making for improved human outcomes. However, sometimes the hype and buzz generated by emerging technologies can be hard to cut through. What steps can we take to ensure that people are engaged in the development of technology and that human interests are reflected and represented? 

In this workshop participants will explore how to harness emerging technologies to solve real problems and create value for humanity. 

Harriet McDougall >
Service Design & Prototyping Lead, MAKE Studios

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Kasia Mierzejewska >
Researcher & Service Designer, MAKE Studios

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Samuel Horman >
Service Designer, MAKE Studios



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Session 1: Human Centred Design for smart cities

How can we be sure we are solving the right problem for citizens and stakeholders in the best way? What does it mean to apply a human-centric lens to the design of smart cities? 

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to apply human centred design (HCD) methods to design desirable smart city experiences, interactions and moments.

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Nav Qirti >
Principal, Ideactio

Session 2: Smart Payment Experiences

Instead of fumbling around with cash, Uber passengers experience “invisible” payments. Instead of lining up for the cashier, customers “take and leave” at Amazon Go. As smart cities become increasingly connected and data-driven, what will smart payment experiences look and feel like?

In this workshop, participants will re-imagine daily payment scenarios and turn them into enjoyable experiences. Sketch, prototype and role-play in this interactive session.

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Jessica Pang >
Venture & Experience Designer at Industrie&Co


TRACK 3 - INNOVATIon & Design

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Session 1: Innovation Through Play

Press Start Hong Kong is a first-of-its-kind games consultancy with a mission to explore the world through games and to unlock the potential of games as a platform for learning, innovation and inspiration. 

In this fun and interactive hands-on session, Vince will guide teams through concepts within the service design process, including user centricity, idea generation, proposition storyboarding and feasibility mapping, via their unique innovation storytelling game, Proto.

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Vincent Siu >
Co-founder and Managing Partner, Press Start Hong Kong

Session 2 - Transcending: How design can help to resolve the long term challenges by transcending human nature.

Organisations are adopting design thinking to address their challenges and develop products and services. While most of the time this is focused on short to mid-term problems, Design also has the potential to support resolving larger, more complex and long-term problems that affect humankind.

Transit design is a new discipline in design focused on the long term challenges that can help us to evolve as a civilization. Join us as we explore the application of design to problems such as climate change and develop new frameworks and tools in the process.

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Iñaki Amate >
Head of Design for Asia-Pacific, Head of Digital for Greater China, EY

DAY 2 lunch

After your morning workshop, everyone gets together for lunch. Just like day 1, you will be treated by our food sponsor Food Folk to a personalized meal.

It will be made fresh for you, in a sustainable way and prevents food waste.


After an interactive and inspiring day we all get together for the final wrap up.

We will hook you up with some more drinks so you can network and share ideas. While live music is playing in the background!