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Day 1

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Day 1 brings everyone together for stories, case studies, interactive sessions and conversations led by speakers from different countries and perspectives within the region.


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Talk #1: Experience-driven design literacy

Bridging knowledge and practice for service innovation

Our world is facing complex problems. Solving them requires collective intelligence and effort. The co-design process allows experts from different domains to collaborate on a shared goal. However, establishing a mutual understanding of such a goal is difficult because these experts have little in common in terms of knowledge and aspiration. In this talk, I will introduce experience-driven design literacy—a knowledge base for experience-driven design. This kind of literacy ensures that all members of the co-design team are on the same page when discussing, exploring and envisioning service design propositions.

Bruce Wan
Assistant professor in the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Talk #2: Your solution is not my problem

Designing for mental health

The ubiquity of smartphone applications has given rise to new opportunities at the intersection of mental health and wellness. We are able to better access and deliver care, and pulse-check how people are doing. But what if our best intentions lead somewhere unexpected?  In this fascinating talk, Megan takes us on a journey through real human stories about mental ill-health and how they impacted her own journey as an entrepreneur.

Megan Lam
Co-Founder & CEO at Neurum Health
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Talk #3: Game changers

Games for people, organisations, & communities

Games offer an opportunity to inspire profound changes in the people who play them. Through simulated worlds of social interactions, we are free to explore different rules, objectives, risks, and rewards - and build different types of relationships with each other. In this talk, Jeffrey will lead us through some key game play concepts and present a case study that led to cross-functional problem solving, and provoked a more innovative culture to arise within the organisation.

Jeffrey Koh
Partner and Director of Strategic Ventures at Chemistry
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Talk #4: From the plate to the planet

Food Made Good

The food on our plate gives deep insight into what’s happening in the world on a larger scale. By understanding food from different perspectives, can we speed up our ability to find and build sustainable practices and achieve genuine impact at scale. But given current business models in the food industry, how can we make this practical and accessible? In this talk Heidi talks about how the ‘Food Made Good’ program is being applied at different levels of the food industry from small take-aways to chain restaurants, suppliers, producers, government and communities to have systemic impact. This type of change takes a lot of courage and a willingness to challenge ‘business as usual’.

Heidi Spurrell
CEO Food Made Good HK
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Talk #5: Leading from the heart

Why love and kindness matters

When societal problems are perceived as ‘too hard or complex’ to solve, they can easily become  invisible or ignored. Jeff and his team at ImpactHK have gone back to the basics of what it means to be a human being to address this challenge. Harnessing the simple yet transformative power of kindness, they are having unprecedented success with homeless people in Hong Kong. In this talk, we will see how uncommon human behaviours such as love and kindness are driving transformative change in Hong Kong.

Jeff Rotmeyer
Founder of ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation
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Panel discussion: Impact at scale

In a world of ever increasing complexity, how can we design new systems and structures that can scale in better service of humanity?  This panel discussion tackles the tough topics and provides pathways for overcoming unsustainable business practices.

Olivia Wong
Head of Diversity & Inclusion Development at John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd
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Gaëlle Louiseau
CEO at Shared Value Project Hong Kong
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Talk #6: People and their money

Understanding the behaviour of unbanked people in Indonesia

Much of the adult population in Indonesia who are unbanked or underbanked relies purely on cash for daily transactions. They keep their money at home, in piggy banks, or informal neighbourhood saving programs. Such ways of using and saving money is prone to theft and uncertainty. In this case study, Sulis looks at the challenges of understanding people's relationships to money and changing their habits to better protect themselves.

Ketut Sulistyawati
Co-founder and principal consultant at Somia Customer Experience
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Talk #7: We will announce the final speaker soon!


Closing and wrap-up

Share your ideas about design for impact with other attendees while having a drink. Don’t forget to exchange business cards and make plans to have an impact together.


Drinks and nibbles

Share your ideas about design for impact with other attendees while having a drink. Don’t forget to exchange business cards and make plans to have an impact together.

Day 2

Friday, 8 November 2019

Day 2 is all about activating what you learned on Day 1 with our ‘Design For Impact’ program. This program will encourage participants to think and act from multiple perspectives in a systemic way to come up with more valuable and impactful solutions.

09:00 - 17:00

Design for Impact

Harnessing the power of communities to drive change

Here’s where you get to embrace and kick start your ability to ‘Design for Impact’ and create the change you want to see in the world.

Drawing from practices from fields such as science, psychology, behavioural economics, theatre and drama, Adam Lawrence will lead you on a powerful journey of personal transformation.

This is an immersive learning experience designed to operate on the level of your head, heart and hands. You will apply innovative methods to complex problems to seed and drive desired changes.

The ‘Design for Impact’ program is a major SDHK event highlight, led by one of the best practitioners in the world and supported by Hong Kong's best design mentors. You’ll be forever glad you were part of it!

Adam Lawrence
Co-author of 'This Is Service Design Doing' & co- founder of the Global Service Jam
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17:00 - 20:00

Closing party

Live music, drinks, nibbles and amazing conversations!


Saturday, 9 November 2019

Are you hungry for deeper learning experiences with the world's leading practitioners? The SDHK+ ticket gives you access to our exclusive Day 3 program consisting of 2 exceptional Master Classes.

Note: The master class package cannot be purchased separately from the SDHK event. It is an optional extra day to the program for those who want a personalised learning experience.

Impact Leadership

This immersive and action-oriented session will dive into the complexity of systems thinking and leadership. Discover the core capabilities needed to drive high impact strategies, resolve complexity, and find new opportunities in adverse conditions.

Adam Lawrence
Work.Play.Experience, Germany
Kate Okrasinski
MAKE Studios

Strategic Foresight

A hands-on and inspiring workshop about how to gain insight into the future and unlock the potential within it. Learn how to navigate uncertainty, sense, and articulate scenarios that can create a compelling vision for your organisation.

Nicolas Arroyo
Bespoke, Denmark
Daniel Christiansen
MAKE Studios
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