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Co-founder and re:architect,

Shuyang is a future focused design leader in Taiwan. She is co-founder and re:architect of, a platform dedicated to prototyping the future of democracy by changing the relationship between the government and citizens.

Principal, Ideactio

Nav believes in the power of empathy driven innovation. In his role as Principal at Ideactio, (a Singapore-based service and business design consultancy) he consults  with public agencies and private sector organisations across Asia.

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Researcher & Service Designer, MAKE Studios

Kasia has a passion for research, psychology and behavioural economics. In her role as service designer at MAKE Studios she is famous for bringing research insights to life through prototyping, visualisation and story-telling.

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Service Designer, MAKE Studios

Sam takes a practical, hands-on approach to his works as a service designer at MAKE Studios. He talents as visual designer and digital prototyper make him an indispensable member of design sprints, where he enjoys helping people to stretch beyond their comfort zones.

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Service Design & Prototyping Lead, MAKE Studios

Harriet is all about harnessing emerging technology for social innovation. She has a wealth of experience in designing public services, having worked extensively with the Australian and UK governments. A prominent member of the design community in Melbourne, Harriet is regularly invited to speak, mentor and run community events.

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Co-founder and Managing Partner, Press Start Hong Kong

Vincent traded a career in financial services to explore the potential of games to unlock innovation. He is the founder of Press Start Hong Kong,  games consultancy with a mission to build creative connections between  people and across organisations.

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Venture & Experience Designer at Industrie&Co

Jess is an active member of Hong Kong’s design community. She runs jams, workshops and events and she is a member of the SDHK organising committee. Creative at heart, she is inspired by observations and conversations which she integrates into her work.

Head of Design for Asia-Pacific, Head of Digital for Greater China, EY

Iñaki Amate is a Partner of EY, leading the Design practice across Asia-Pacific and Digital across Greater China since early 2018. Iñaki is one of the pioneers of the Service Design Industry. Over the past 14 years, he’s helped lead and establish the global design and innovation consultancy, Fjord, in Europe, the Middle East, South America and Asia, and was instrumental in shaping design ecosystems in countries like Spain, Turkey, Brazil, Hong Kong and Finland.