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NOVEMBER 7 & 8 2019

SDHK 2019

Will you join us in 2019?
SDHK 2018 is behind us and we hope everyone enjoyed it and learned new, exciting things. Preperations for 2019 will start soon and if you want to join us for a new edition, get your EARLY BIRD ticket now and support us in this important early stage of the conference while you get a 30% discount.

Find yourself! We have a ton of great pictures, go check them out here:

SDHK 2018

SDHK 2018 was about the fusion of Design and Technology and how that is radically reshaping business, society and culture.

Service Design Hong Kong (SDHK) focuses on the importance of Human-Centric Design practices and how they are applied to humanise technology and create better outcomes for people. 

Our theme was "Human Futures in Smart Cities". We flipped the smart city conversation from being technology-led, to being human-led. How will our stories play out in the age of hyper-connectivity?

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And how to convince your boss

Service Design Hong Kong is a premier conference for

  • Innovators,

  • Boundary Pushers,

  • Problem Solvers,

  • Design Thinkers,

  • Change Makers.

We've made a sheet with background information and facts to help you start the conversation with your colleagues and your boss. Why not asking your boss to send you to SDHK? In case you need more information, leave a message using our form.


Here’s a few good reasons to get the conversation started:

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