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SDHK is engaging, inspiring and passionate. You guys rock!
— Virginia Morris
Many conferences are about the problems. At SDHK we talk about solutions.
— Shu Yang Lin

NOVEMBER 7 & 8 2019

Asia’s premier conference for innovators and change-makers


Design for Impact looks at the strategic role that service design can play in shaping the future, elevating quality of life, affecting powerful change and have a positive affect on society. 

Our goal is bring new ways of thinking, working and living to life by forging new connections between people, communities and organisations.

Get Involved

We are always open to meaningful collaborations. If you'd like to get involved as a supporter or a sponsor, get in touch to chat about options.

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And how to convince your boss

Service Design Hong Kong is the regions premier conference for innovators and change-makers.

Download this fact sheet sheet to spread the word with your colleagues and team. If you have a specific question about SDHK, let us know.

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Get a feel for SDHK

Check out these videos and photos from last years event to get a feel for what you can expect in 2019.

Check out SDHK 2018 Day 1 pictures

Check out SDHK 2018 Day 1 pictures

Check out SDHK 2018 Day 2 pictures

Check out SDHK 2018 Day 2 pictures

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