SDHK • Nov 23 - 24, 2023 •
Soho House HK

We are inspired by our collective ability to shape and build a better world.


We are a community of practitioners who are interested in highlighting the role and importance of Service Design.

  • Beyond teaching and learning, we are interested in creating transformative experiences so that people feel activated and inspired to affect change.
  • More than networking, we connect people in meaningful ways to build lasting bonds and a spark a sense of community.
  • We encourage, invite and welcome different perspectives so that we can share, learn and respectfully challenge each other.
  • And last but not least, we know how to have fun!

We champion non-traditional applications of Service Design that are having a real impact.

  • Hong Kong is a global hub for innovative ideas and practices, we celebrate what is unique and different in this part of the world.
  • We deliberately design valuable experiences for participants, speakers, sponsors and partners.
  • Our MC’s are story-weavers who tap into the narratives and trends that participants would like to explore.

Company and Personal Benefits

Professional development

Understand design-led innovation in Asia

We showcase the best examples of design-led innovation from around the region. You will gain unique perspectives about localised approaches and challenges.

A regional network & community

Accelerate your personal and professional development, by joining a community of people who share your passion for creating a better future for humanity.

Immersive learning

Learn about the value of design- led innovation and how to apply it in the real world, with keynote talks, stories, interactive sessions and workshops over 2 days.

Business innovation

Enhance the quality of solutions

Human-centric methods lead to better solutions by collaborating and co-design with others.

Increase the adoption of services

Customers are more likely to embrace the outcome when they are involved in the innovation process.

De-risk innovation

Test ideas with customers continuously to lower the risks.

Improve the ability to adapt

Design Thinking methods help people to respond and adapt to rapid changes in their environment.

Who is coming?

SDHK gets a global audience of around 200 business & innovation leaders from corporate & academic sectors as well as entrepreneurs, the government and social enterprises. We had previous attendees from:

Service Design Hong Kong

Design for Good, Good for Design

Our society has experienced huge changes in the last couple of years with Covid, AI, climate emergencies and more, so NOW (more than ever) is the time that we need to “do good” in whatever way we can. How might we find the good practices and approaches that will make us more effective and create a positive impact?


We created a collaborative community platform designed to amplify, connect and empower innovators and change-makers in South East Asia.

Design for Impact

We looked at what we can do collectively to build a better future and responsibly address the problems that have been uncovered during one of the most turbulent years in recent history. NGOs and charities shared their stories and participants designed solutions to support them on day 2.

Human Futures in Smart Cities

We flipped the smart city conversation from being technology-led, to being human-led, and how would our stories play out in the age of hyper-connectivity.

Design for Change

We explored how the fusion of Design and Technology is reshaping and reimagining the future of business, society and culture in Asia.

Service Design in Hong Kong

The inauguration of Asia’s premier conference for innovators and change-makers. With a focus on service innovation and experience design, we designed an entire 2nd day of doing and experiencing, which was loved by participants and stayed through the years to come.

Past Speakers