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We are a community of practitioners who are interested in highlighting the role and importance of Service Design.

  • Beyond teaching and learning, we are interested in creating transformative experiences so that people feel activated and inspired to affect change.
  • More than networking, we connect people in meaningful ways to build lasting bonds and a spark a sense of community.
  • We encourage, invite and welcome different perspectives so that we can share, learn and respectfully challenge each other.
  • And last but not least, we know how to have fun!

We champion non-traditional applications of Service Design that are having a real impact.

  • Hong Kong is a global hub for innovative ideas and practices, we celebrate what is unique and different in this part of the world.
  • We deliberately design valuable experiences for participants, speakers, sponsors and partners.
  • Our MC’s are story-weavers who tap into the narratives and trends that participants would like to explore.

Company and personal benefits

Professional development

Understand design-led innovation in Asia

We showcase the best examples of design-led innovation from around the region. You will gain unique perspectives about localised approaches and challenges.

A regional network & community

Accelerate your personal and professional development, by joining a community of people who share your passion for creating a better future for humanity.

Immersive learning

Learn about the value of design- led innovation and how to apply it in the real world, with keynote talks, stories, interactive sessions and workshops over 2 days.

Business innovation

Enhance the quality of solutions

Human-centric methods lead to better solutions by collaborating and co-design with others.

Increase the adoption of services

Customers are more likely to embrace the outcome when they are involved in the innovation process.

De-risk innovation

Test ideas with customers continuously to lower the risks.

Improve the ability to adapt

Design Thinking methods help people to respond and adapt to rapid changes in their environment.

Who is coming?

SDHK gets a global audience of around 200 business & innovation leaders from corporate & academic sectors as well as entrepreneurs, the government and social enterprises. This year we have attendees signed up from HSBC, YouTube, Standard Chartered, AXA, SunLife, Credit Suisse, Facebook, Cigna, Walmart, CLP, regional universities and HK gov depts.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is an inclusive and creative approach to problem solving. It encourages participation and transparency while creating outcomes that are beneficial for people, businesses, communities and nations.

What is Service Design?

Service Design is the deliberate creation and coordination of solutions, services and experiences that ensure companies, educators and governments deliver meaning and value for humanity.


2019: Design for Impact

Birdie Salva

Birdie Salva is the general manager and co-founder of Curiosity, a Manila-based design research consultancy that provides local insight through ethnographic approaches to help organizations design new products and services. In the past 7 years, Birdie has been involved in over 100 research projects for companies in industries such as telecom, insurance, banking, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Read more about Birdie on LinkedIn

Megan Lam

Megan is Co-Founder & CEO at Neurum Health and she is excited about meaningful changes in psychiatric and neurological disorders. Technology has offered new potentials in the way we conceptualise, innovate, and deliver care. These meaningful changes emerge from the intersections of different fields, driven by people coming together to solve shared problems. I believe that interdisciplinary collaborations between clinicians, engineers, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs, patients etc. are paramount for progress.

Read more about Megan on LinkedIn

Jeff Rotmeyer

Jeff Rotmeyer is founder of ImpactHK and Love 21 Foundation. He is passionate about supporting those held back in our society by a lack of opportunity.

Both Love 21 Foundation and ImpactHK provide a wholistic approach to empowering individuals, giving them a true opportunity to reach their potential.

Read more about Jeff on LinkedIn

Ketut Sulistyawati

Sulistyawati, PhD is the co-founder and principal consultant at Somia Customer Experience. She lives in Bali, Indonesia, and works on strategic and experience design projects for regional and international clients. Sulis is passionate about understanding human behavior and using holistic design to solve problems.

Read more about Sulistyawati on LinkedIn

Bruce Wan

Bruce is an assistant professor in the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He research focuses on technology-mediated experience design that supports human flourishing. He builds bridges between the academic world and business and is dedicated to educating a new breed of designer for service innovation. He is currently working on the co-design process for technology-mediated experiences in tourism, leisure, service innovation and social design.

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Olivia Wong

Olivia is Head of Diversity & Inclusion Development at John Swire & Sons (H.K.) Ltd. A passionate advocate for inclusion in the workplace and inclusive leadership, she is responsible for developing a coherent diversity and inclusion (“D&I”) strategy and aligning D&I initiatives across the Swire Group. The strategy aims to create a more supportive and inclusive work environment for all staff. Swire is one of the first conglomerates in the region to pioneer a dedicated role in D&I within the organisation.

Read more about Olivia on LinkedIn

Heidi Spurrell

Heidi’s work in food policy with London and Amsterdam-based sustainability NGOs gives her a global perspective on Hong Kong’s food culture. She is ambitiously driving towards making sustainability the norm in the F&B industry, through the HK chapter of the UK’s Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Food Made Good’ (FMG) program.

Read more about Heidi on LinkedIn

Gaëlle Loiseau

Gaëlle Loiseau was keen to apply her skillset to innovative ways of doing business after 20 years experience in the luxury industry.  Previously working for brands such as Lanvin, Lancôme and Christofle, Gaëlle transitioned toward sustainability by helping innovative sustainable luxury brands enter the Greater China market. She also did some work on Circular Economy in the luxury industry. Gaëlle came to Shared Value Project with a mission to accelerate the shared value movement and cross-sector outcomes in the Greater Bay Area.

Read more about Gaëlle on LinkedIn

Sky Siu

Sky is the Executive Director at KELY Support Group and while growing up in Ghana, West Africa, she experienced first-hand the challenges that poverty, lack of access to education and health can have on a young person’s development. Today, Sky’s aspiration for KELY lies in nurturing young people throughout important developmental stages, and creating sustainable impact in substance abuse prevention and well being support for at-risk, marginalised young people in Hong Kong.

Read more about Sky on LinkedIn

Sue Toomey

Sue Toomey is Executive Director for HandsOn Hong Kong and has more than 20 years of experience running businesses and championing global causes. Sue's focus is developing the strategic direction and leading the team to empower everyone in the community to volunteer. Prior to joining HandsOn, Sue was Vice President, Global Events for The Economist Group where she created and led award-winning events and initiatives addressing global issues, including ocean sustainability, food security, diversity and inclusion. She previously ran her own social enterprise and headed a marketing agency while living in Mumbai.

Read more about Sky on LinkedIn

David Kohler

David is the Head of Experience Design & Culture, Generali Asia and his mission is building design thinking capabilities and leading executive change programs to help Generali’s leaders innovate for customers. He was formerly based in Europe as Experience Design Director for Credit Suisse, CRM Research Director for Gartner, and held digital, marketing and operations roles with Dell, Iomega and the World Economic Forum.

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Stephanie Lukito

Stephanie is the Design Strategy & Research Manager at Grab. She is a design generalist with a love for complex systems. Combining practices in research, service design, and playful collaboration, she designs holistic experiences that leverage the needs of both people and business. She currently works at Grab, designing service ecosystems for Grab Food and financial products across the SEA region. Stephanie has lived and learned from many cities around the world and deeply believe in the power of design to make an impact. Her ultimate goal is to cultivate new possibilities for the future—one that is more open, delightful, and kinder to our environment.

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Adam Lawrence

Adam is one of the worlds leading Service Innovation practitioners. He is co-founder of WorkPlayExperience, and co-initiator of the Global Service Jam - the world’s biggest ever service design event. He is also co-author of the best selling book, This is Service Design Doing. Adam uses his background in psychology, comedy and drama to spark moments of transformative learning and unlock creative potential. He is a force of nature one of the funniest people you will ever meet.

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